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Opening Night Event and All Films: $50 
Opening Night Films only : $12 (all three shows)  

Individual Films  : $12/film
Day Passes : $30/day 
Awards Night Event : $100 ($50 for current Nas alum)
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Venue : Next Actor Studio, 2406 Quenby, Houston, TX 77005

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7 PM : Social Hour with wine and snacks

Event Price including social hour and all films : $50 

Films only : $12 (all three shows)

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8:00 PM : Shorts

8:00 PM : Drehl (Clothes), 24 mins. Bulgaria
Two brothers, who have recently lost their father, get united as they make their first attempts to overcome the alienation, accumulated over the years, while collecting the clothes of their father from their family home.
Writer - Director : Vesselin Boydev
Starring : Dimitar Nikolov, Filip Avramov


8:25 PM : Tear, 3 min, Japan
In the room, a woman is shedding tears and the droplets start to move.
Writer - Director : Naonori Fukazawa
Starring : Miyu Hayashida

8:30 PM : Bully, 58 mins. musical feature, LGBT. Houston 
Writer - Director : Aaron Alon
Starring : Edward Henrickson, Brad Goertz, Danica Dawn Johnston, Kiefer Slaton, Juan Sebastian Cruz, Reggie Choyce, Steve Hale, M.E. Frazier, & Nora Hahn

A 14-year-old's suicide stuns his family, his town, and the bullies who tormented him.

Attending filmmakers and stars of the film will engage in a brief dialogue with audience.


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Individual Show : $12
Day Pass : $30

Buy Tickets Online or via paypal to receive a pass and add your time to attendees list.  


3 PM : General Magic, 93 minutes, documentary, United Kingdom
Directors : Sarah Kerruish, Matt Maude
Featuring : Tony Fadell, Megan Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, Marc Porat

The side of Silicon Valley you never see, General Magic is a tale of how a great vision and an epic failure can change the world. Spun out from Apple in 1990 to create the ‘next big thing’, General Magic shipped the first handheld wireless personal communicator in 1994.
Tribeca 2018 : Nominated for Best New Director 

4:33 PM : 2nd Chances, 90 minutes, documentary, USA
Director : Dav Lewis
The film sheds light on the harsh reality of the Texas Criminal Justice System through the lives of men and child

6:10 PM : Standing Up, 86 mins,  documentary, USA
Director : Jonathan Miller
Three unlikely aspiring stand-up comedians – an ultra-Orthodox Jew, a couchsurfing custodian, and a personal injury lawyer – risk everything to find their voices on the cutthroat New York comedy scene.

7:30 PM : Vision, 30 mins, documentary, USA,
Director Lightning N Mitchell
With the arrival of the Women’s Basketball Association (WBA) - the first ever spring and summer women’s professional basketball league, it finally gives the American woman an opportunity to play professional basketball here in the United States.

8:10 PMDaddy Issues, 80 mins feature, England
Director :Laura Holliday
Stars : Kimberley Datnow, Peter Jason (Jurassic World)
20 something stand up comedian Henrietta, hasn’t been funny since her detached dad died. Distraught, in a quart life crisis, she leaves her messy London life behind for LA, to re-examine her past relationships with dysfunctional ex-lovers, and friends struggling with adulthood. Henri tries comedically and introspectively to find humour in her darkest moments.


Individual Show : $12
Day Pass : $30

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3pm : LESSONS IN SEEING, 98 mins.  documentary, USA,
Director : Yehuda Sharim
When an Eritrean math teacher, Sibhatleab, ventures alone from a refugee camp in Ethiopia, he finds himself at the bottom rung of the social ladder in a vast, faceless Houston metropolis in the summer, before a contentious election amid growing anti-refugee rhetoric. The prospects are daunting, as he still copes with his unthinkable twenty-five-year history of imprisonment and torture. In his new home, he finds hope at Salem Market, a tiny store that caters to Houston’s refugee community. The film tells his story of disillusionment and resilience, questioning our understanding of the immigrant experience in contemporary America.

5:00 pm : MONSTER CITY, 30 mins, China.
Writer-Director : Li Lo-Tien
Starring : Lee Enjoy, Tang Si Ting.
Zhang Bing, a college student of journalism, got a video of a crime by chance, and during the investigation, he gradually found his deepest desires.

5:30 pm : KRIEG, 40 mins, feature. USA/Germany.
Writer - Director : Jeff Fry
Starring : Heiko Obermöller, Scott Bailey
A soldier's remorse for inaction in the face of murder compels him to risk all to protect a wounded enemy airman.

6:15pm Willow Creek Road, 16 mins, USA.
Writer - Director : Francesca Mirabella
Starring : Jenna Ciralli, Scout Burdette
When Ruth is unexpectedly drawn into the lives of two children, she slowly assumes the role of a Mother; awakening a sense of play, femininity, protection and connection. Ruth must face reality, and ultimately herself, when the kids' mother returns home.

6:32pm : I KILLED VINCENT, 14 mins, France.
Writer-Director Jean-Luc Blanchet
Starring : Cyril Caumont, Dominique Courait, Gérard Siglieri
On 29 July 1890 Vincent Van Gogh took his last breath. Despite the painter's silence about the circumstances, his death was put down to suicide throughout the 20th century. In 2011 following their investigation into Van Gogh's last hours

6:48 pm : BETA (Son), 12 mins. Houston. Animation
Writer-Director :Ashish Pabari
Starring : Harish Bhimani (voice)
An Indian American son rediscovers the value of faith and culture while staying with his Indian father as they deal with the aftermath of a tragic death.

7:10 pm THE SLEEPER BY THE RIVER, 110 mins. France, World Cinema
Director :Manuel Sanchez
Starring : Dominique Pinon (Amelie), Delphine Depardieu
A dark comedy based on the award-winning book “Les Bottes Rouges” (“The Red Boots”) by Franz Bartelt. A story of love, sex, madness,homemade beer and the Zen of making French fries. 

Awards Night Event : 7p

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Venue : Next Actor Studio, 2406 Quenby, Houston 77005
Tickets : $100 / person ( $50/current NAS alum )

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