Volunteer Opportunity


As a cultural organization, NIFF will not be able to successfully run such a diverse range of initiative without the commitment of our volunteers. We are grateful for the ongoing contribution made by our many volunteers and interns.

Interns are required to meet every week to participate in scheduling and work closely with the festival programming team to gain experience in managing the festival. 

Volunteers can be weekly participant from the time the festival is launched (as an intern) or can donate their time to different departments when the festival takes place. Volunteers receive complimentary passes to the festival films and events in exchange of their time.

Volunteers are needed in the following departments :

Festival Liaison : You must have People skill, and be able to communicate with filmmakers and producers on an as-needed basis. You will be the bridge between the festival and filmmaker. You will be meticulous and have the ability to work successfully under deadline pressures.

Hosts : You will be the face of the festival. You must be a good speaker, and a good listener with a focus to ensure the event is conducted as smoothly as possible.

In-House Administration : You will be maintaining the festival office. You will be involved in scheduling, event planning and project coordinator. You will need to be organized and detail-oriented, in order to keep a track of films being turned in, and accepted to play in the festival. You will need to be organized and detail-oriented, in order to keep a track of films for the festival, maintain a database, be in charge of managing email and phone. Multi-tasking important.

You do not necessarily have to reside in Houston for an offline position, as long as you can skype in during meetings and planning. 

Other Opportunities include :  Graphic Artists, Media Liaison, Event Planner, Transporters, Projectionist, Ticket Checkers etc.

If you are interested in volunteering for 2017 festival, please contact us via email at niffhouston@gmail.com  Please write a note about your experience in the film industry and how you can contribute to Niff2017.